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Institute of Philological and Intercultural Researches

About ICFI

Founded in 2006, the Institute of Philological and Intercultural Researches (ICFI, ULIM) transformed the window to world, to languages and cultures in a priority of its research politics.

The linguistic-cultural diversity represents a great challenge in the context of globalization for the human mind (unity ↔ plurality), a challenge for human socialization (Me ↔ Other) and a stake for the culture toto genere (identity ↔ nonidentity/diversity). The way of being doesn’t perceive the World as a universe, but rather and mainly as a pluri-universe, a world of the relational consensus, of the dia-logos and communicational action.

The polymorphic and poly-functional phenomena – multilingualism/pluri-lingualism, epistemological contrastivity and intercultural communication – underline the value of language-culture as factors of the civilization evolution and development and represent a matrix of many research directions: anthropology, psychology, politics, sociology, language philosophy, linguistics, communication sciences etc., which imply doctrines, hypotheses, sometimes solutions, and, very often, new research challenges.

By virtue of epistemological extension and interdisciplinary character of the comparative and contrastive research from the field of Romanic-Germanic philology (Scientific Profile Contrastive study in Romanic-Germanic philology), as well as knowledge paradigm in the era of European integration and globalization, the research Profile of the institute was changed (approved by the decision of the Senate of ULIM of 16.04.2014, process-verbal nr. 7).

Thus, the peculiarity of the scientific Profile Multilingualism, Contrastivity and Intercultural Communication bears a complex heuristic character of the philological approach, centered on the concepts of transdisciplinarity and interculturality, oriented to the development of the philological thinking in the context of new philosophical, linguistic and socio-cultural theories. Or, an epistemological reaction of linguistic-culture, and of the cultural dia-logos are imposed in order to (re) configure a judicious dialectics of the phenomenal triad: man-culture-society sustained by a polytropic complementarity of the dynamic interface real-rational-relational and anchored in the dimensions of being-space-time, substituting, in world-Society, dualistic paradigm of the fragmentary, reductionist, disjunctive opposition, by a complex, open and conjunctive paradigm.

Administrative Council of the Institute:

Director – Elena PRUS, prof. univ., dr. hab., princ. researcher; CV Elena Prus
Vice-director - Victor UNTILA, conf. univ., dr., princ. researcher; CV Victor Untila

ICFI Research Directions:

  • Terminology and Translation – coordinator Ana Gutu, prof. univ. dr., princ. researcher;
  • Linguistics and Glottodidactics – coordinator Ion Manoli, prof. univ., dr. hab., princ. researcher;
  • Literature and Intercuturality – coordinator Dragoş Vicol, prof. univ., dr. hab., princ. researcher;
  • Communication and Mass-Media – coordonator Ludmila Lazar, conf. univ. dr., princ. researcher.